David Duchovny on SNL

On May 9th, 1998 David Duchovny made an Appearence on SNL as the Guest Host. The Snl's ender for this year. David Duchovny was hillarious and played in skits like Jeopardy, Oprah show, and From the Earth to the moon.

Nick Lea, made a special appearence at the beginning skit with Will Ferrett as Janet Reno. And David Duchovny as Fox Mulder.

The skit was about Janet stalking Mulder. And then Janet confronting him making Mulder upset. Janet knocks Scully ( Molly Shannon), out because she is jelious and then Krycek walks in and punches Mulder around and leaves with Janet.

Thats just some of the stuff you missed on SNL. David was looking sharp and did a wonderful job. Hope to see him again on there. It was a nice change from his week to week of X-Files.


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