With all the talk about the upcoming X-Files Movie/Fight the future There is a lot on tv for you to catch. So get your pad and pen and write down some of this stuff for the upcoming weeks ahead.

MEDIA News/Upcoming interviews

6/10/98 Jay Leno welcomes Gillian Anderson

6/11/98 Jay Leno welcomes David Duchovny

6/12/98 Magic Hour-Gillian anderson

6/13/98 Entertainment Tonight Priviews the X-Files Film.

6/15/98 Fox Broadcasting gives you one hour behind the scence (SPECIAL)

The Todays Show guest appearence by Gillian Anderson

6/16/98 Letterman welcomes David Duchovny

Rosie O'Donnell welcomes Gillian Anderson

6/17/98 The Todays Show/ guest appearence by David Duchovny

The Magic Hour- David Duchovny

6/19/98 The Todays Show/ Guest Appearence by Chris Cater

6/20/ Saturday Night Live: The Guest Host David Duchovny (Repeat, from May 6th the season ender)

6/29/98 Weekend Today David Duchovny

X-Files Premiere/ Hosting Todd Newton & Melissa Rivers


6/12/98 12:05pm

6/14/98 11am 10pm 1pm

6/22/98 2:30pm

Behind the scences on the set of The X-Files

6/20/98 1:30pm

6/21/98 4:30pm

6/22/98 2:30am

For channels and local listings please check out The TV Guide For up to date programing

All listings on this page could change due to other programming.

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