Small Articles on The X-Files


Now that The X-Files is into its box-office decline, the real truth is finally leaking out. We're not talking aliens here, we're talking something much more important—David Duchovny's butt. Entertainment Weekly has finally wiped out the controversy over the infamous glimpse that never was. "We shot it," Duchovny told the magazine. "It was me in a hospital gown. But the sight of my bare ass 40 feet high on the screen was just too frightening even for X-Files fans." Series co-creator Frank Spotnitz thinks DD's just being modest. "It wasn't so bad. We just needed to cut that hospital scene and the butt shot seemed gratuitous," he told EW. Whether the butt ends up being distributed on the X-Files underground may be up to über-X-Filer Chris Carter. "I'm looking at the shot right now," he told EW's enquiring reporter. "We blew it up and framed it for posterity. In fact, we're thinking of making the next movie all about David Duchovny's butt." Duchovny's isn't the only butt that EW uncovered dirt on. Apparently, Gillian Anderson fans also narrowly missed a chance to see the actress in all her glory. Speaking about their final scenes in the frozen, buried spaceship, Anderson told the magazine: "He was supposed to pick me up naked and throw me over his shoulder, so that we'd be cheek to cheek. But we didn't film it that way. If you're not going to see David's bare butt, you certainly aren't going to see mine."

Rob Bowman was so upset with the Alien they had for the movie, he didn't show all of it because the suit was so fake. Instead he took small shots of it in the dark and quick glimsies.

The person had to get into this alien suit and had white tennis shoes on when filming the scenes. To make matters worse Piper, Gillian's 4-year-old daughter ran up to it and gave it a hug. Which made Rob even madder. OH well Rob it looked creepy to us. And maybe we can use the suit for another barney kiddie show. (:

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