Mulder and Scully Crossovers

Title: About Time

Size: 24k

Rating: PG

Keyword: xf/er crossover. Mulder and Scully Romance

Summary: Some familiar faces pop up in cook county General.

Title: Alpengeist

Size: 10k


Keyword: Mulder and Scully UST

Summary: Scully and Mulder enjoy a day at Bush Gardens and run into some old, well... acquaintances.

Title: Angel

Size: 11k

Rating: PG

Keyword: XF/Touch by an Angel crossover M&S romance

Summary: Mulder and Scully are tested in their faith

Title: Boys Night Out

Size: 11k

Rating: G

Keyword: XF/ER crossover Mulder and Scully Romance

Summary: Doug Ross, Mark Greene, and John Carter meet up with Fox Mulder and discuss their love lives

Title: Come My Love I'll Tell You A Tale

Size: 24k

Rating: G

Keyword: XF/Princess Bride crossover


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