VanCouver Rumor

Yak-iddy-Yak, the things that go around. This one is kinda scary! So listen up X-File fans and make sure you are sitting down.

Rumor has been going around the streets of VanCouver, that the X-Files will be moving to LA. Chris Carter is trying to keep the X-Files in VanCouver.

Also this would bring in a new charactor into the scenes. If David Duchovny Decided to leave the X-Files Chris Owens, who plays Special Agent Jeffery Spencer who actted in "Patient X" & "The Red and The Black", might replace David Duchovny for good, as a new Agent, who would take over the X-Files. Rumors have already gone around about Owen's signing a contract to do the X-Files. Chris Carter had to make a choice in May.

This is not Official or it might not be true. I just got it from a source. This could be wrong. Just to warn you.

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