The Pilot Quiz

Question #1: What were the words that flashed across the TV screen bfore the pilot episode began?

Answer= Nothing

Answer= The Truth is out there

Answer= The following story is inspired by actual documented accounts

Question #2: What were the first words Mulder said to Scully?

Answer= "Nobody down here but FBI's least unwanted."

Answer= "That's why they put the I in FBI."

Answer= "Hi, I'm Special Agent Fox Mulder."

Question #3: What was the name and occupation of Scully's lover in an early draft script? ( He was eliminated before the episode was shot.)

Answer= Bruce Willis Former FBI Agent

Answer= Ray Jones CIA

Answer= Ethan Minitte, a congressional lobbist

Question #4: Mulder is seen eatting his favorite snack food for the first time. What is it?

Answer= Peanuts

Answer= Sunflower seeds

Answer= Cheese Wedges

Question #5: True or False: The only visible cause of Karen Swenson's death was a nosebleed and two small pink lumps on her lower back.

Answer= True

Answer= False

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