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The X-Files X-Posed is proud to announce the new Banner X-Change. All you need is a page that deals with the X-Files and you are in and a banner. Thats it free. I understand the pressure it takes to make a homepage and than promoting it. It's a hassle, if you ask me. After I worked so hard to make a really neat X-Files Website that no one can find. )o: So this is why Idecided to make this page possible and get the X-posure you need. Because we all know that we aren't gonna get alot of clicks from these banner exchanges that deal with every subject there is. But now all sites that join us are X-Files related. So that means you'll only see x-files banners showing upon your page. except for sponsers.

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Instructions -

Move the yellow highlight box so that it surrounds the text area that contains the code that you want to use. Highlight the code by pressing Cmd-A. Copy the code by pressing Cmd-C. Then go to your home page editor (the place where you build you home page) and position the flashing cursor in the spot where you want the code to be pasted. Paste the code by pressing Cmd-V. That's all there is to it.

A big and gawdy (but cool, none-the-less) banner

A small and unobtrusive (yet still, very cool) button.

A plain, simple, boring link.

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Help out your fellow WebTV users, and give you web site that "professional" look (or "sell-out" look, depending on your point of view) by adding the banner rotation to the top and/or bottom of your page - just like this page does.

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