"Why won't you let me go?" asked Mel whinning as she so often did. Kristen her mother stood leaning against the table talking on the phone. Her red hair wet from the early shower she had taken before hand. She tapped her fingers against the brown wooden table trying to listen to the person on the other line, while her daughter tried to get a word in not caring she was on the phone.

"Mom?" she pleaded again.

Kristen paused and looked over at her 17-year-old daughter and replied quietly.

"I told you once and I'm not going to tell you again."

Mel frowned as her mother went back to the phone she stroked back a piece of her dark, brown, wavy, shoulder length hair behind her ear.

"I promise that I won't-" she began to say again.

Kristen hung the phone up and put her hands on her hips looking at her anoid.

"Mel, do you not know what the word no means?"

Mel rolled her eyes and sighed looking into Kristen's eyes.

"Apparently I am wasting my time. I just don't understand why you won't let me go. I'm 17-years-old mom, I'm not a child anymore." she said in a lower voice.

"I know you're not a child anymore-"

"So you'll say yes?" Mel butted in

"But you will be spending a week with people half your age and up in the mountians with no super-vision. It is dangerous at this time of year. And my answer is still no." she explained talking calmly and sincer.

"UGH" Mel blurted out storming out of the room.

Kristen shook her head and went back to the phone. She was tired of this nonstop asking to go the mountians with kids in their early 20s who were a little on the wild side. And she could never understand why she hanged around people like that. Oh well she thought there are always other things to do.

The front door opened and in walked Director Walter Skinner. He slammed the door behind him and walked into the warm heated house. He stomped his feet on the mat letting all the snow and mud fall onto it. He took of his black trench coat and carefully hanged it up into the closet. He was tired and cold and had one of the worest days at work. The FBI in washington was jam packed with cases that were coming out of nowhere.

Kristen appeared at the kitchen door. He looked up to see her standing there smiling at him. He smiled back at her and walked over to her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the lips.

"How was your day?" She asked wondering what had happen.

"It was a busy day." He said looking at her "how was your day?" he asked trying to keep the conversation going.

"Well the same as usual. Mel keeps asking me if she can go."

"What did you tell her?" he asked not really knowing what the issue was about.

She sighed and steped back from her husband.

"I told her no."she replied back crossing her arms.

Skinner rubbed the edge of his chin and took off his glasses holding them with his thumb and index finger. He shook his head in response to Kristen's reply

He rubbed his burning eyes and said

"I have an early meeting tomorrow at 5am."

"I see I guess that means you won't have dinner tonight." She weirly said

"I already ate."

"Oh, well I am going to finish up in here and I'll be up." She softly said moving over to her husband and giving him a soft kiss on the lips and turned and went into the kitchen not looking back.

He stood there for amoment and departed to his room. He made no attemped to say hello to mel knowing she would pester him and he just didn't have the energy to do so.

Mel sat quietly on her bed staring at the pictures she had taken with the friends that were going to the mountians. They were leaving tonight an if her mother had said yes she would of met them and gone. She threw her self on her pillow staring at the celling. She was in agony and was angry. She had heard Skinner pull into the drive way an hour ago and hoped he would go in to see her. But she knew better than that. He would just say the same thing. He was just way to busy to even deal with her.

She closed her eyes and remebered the first time she had met him and she plotted to do away with him. Walter wasen't her real father, her mother had married him 3 years ago when she was 13. her father was in the government underneath the president and divorced Kristen because her career had taken over their marriage. He left her with a sorry heart and she married Walter.

She laid there thinking of what fun they were going to have. She suddenly sat up and moved over to her closet and picked up her brown leather bag that she took on trips. She already had it packed for the occassion. And told herself she would go dispite what her mother had said. She knew that she'd be grounded for a long time but thiswas worth it. And Walter would have a major cow and she hoped he wouldn't be too bad. Knowing him he would get her good. And when he got mad he got mad.She tried to wipe that out of her head and quickly opened the window to her door. She took a deep breath and counted to 3 before jumping out. She made it out salf and sound and saw the light in her parents room off and quicl desended into the the night air hoping to make it in time before they lefted.

She finally made it to her friends house and noticed them still packing. Se quickly ran up to them.

"Hey, I made it." She said happily

" Mel I am so glad to see you. I thought your mother said no. How did you change her mind?" Lisa asked her dropping some bags into the back of the dark green eclipes.

"I didn't they don't know yet." she answered back throwing her bag into the back with hers.

"Really? Like I told you Mel you need to take charge of your life." She told her giving her a pillow. Lisa turned around to see another car pull into the driveway. She waved at them and out stepped 3 guys with killer smiles. Mel looked at them and quickly asked.

"Who are they, lisa?" She seemed a little alarmed.

"Hey relax Mel, It's Chris, Jason and Jack. They're coming with us."

"I thought it was just going to be Renee and Jessie?" mel informed her remembering Lisa saying it was just was going to be the three of them.

"Well when I told them we were going to the mountians for the weekend they wanted to come along. Jack there, "She pointed. "owns a cabin near the skiing slopes.

The fellows came closer looking at the two of them. Chris came over to Lisa and gave her a kiss on the cheek "Hey Lisa." He said in a charming voice He looked over at Mel and asked "Whos this Lisa?" She looked over at Mel standing still as if she did, the whole street would cave in.

"Oh this is Mel. Mel, this is Chris Jack and Jason." she intruduced

"Hi." Mel replied shyly.

The guys smiled back at her and said hi also. Music sudden;t began to blare in the background and everyone turned around to see a speeding car coming there way. The music became louder and more shriking.

Mel stopped what she was doing and glared out into the darkness to see Jessie scretching her tires as shestopped in the driveway.Mel rolled her eyes and threw the pillow into the car. Jessie got out of the car and waved to the group . Without even glancing at Lisa and Mel she amidentlycame up to the guys and pranced around them like some person picking out a pet. "Hi, I'm Jessie." She flirted smiling. "Hey I'm Chris, this is Jack and Jason." He replied looking up and down at Jessie. The only thing that Jessie had that they didn't was huge bazooms. And she used those babies to flash men from around the ozone layer. She never felt ashamed of them because they were like magnets. And Mel knew what she was doing.

Mel, finally yelled out "Hi Jessie."

Jessie stood there still flirting and finally stopped and sneered back "Hi Mel." and went back to talking to the guys.

Lisa can I see you for a minute?" Mel asked pushing lisa to the side.

"What mel?"

"Look it jessie over there."

"So" Lisa replied looking over at Jessie.

"Well-" Mel began to say

"Save it Mel. If you don't like it then go home before mommy wakes up and your big FBI Dad wakes up.And finds you missing." She smarted off.

Mel stood there insaulted by what she had said. Her face was mad with angry but she keeped it in *Damn you lisa if I had a bat I'd hit you*

"I don't have a problem with it Lisa." She calmly said. Looking as if she never heard a word that she had just said.

"Well good help me finish putting the food in the car. Renee is inside packing the beer and stuff."

By 1:30am they were on there way not making anystopsa. The cabin they were going to was 4 miles away and mel sat in the front with lisa driving. Jessie rode with the guys and Renee laid in the back set with mel and lisa with her feet kicked up on the seat. Mel leaned her head againsted the window while the radio played celine dion. Mel was kind of worried what would happen when Walter and her mom would wake up. She hadden thought about Walter coming up for her. She should of known her would come for her. But he didn't know where she was so she wouldn't have to deal with it until she got home. But then again Walter worked for the FBI and now she was kind of annoyed about things.Him finding her in a cabin with guys.

They finally made it there around 6:30am. Mel awoke to find them stopped by a creek and a large cabin in the woods. She looked at the clock radio and read the time. She new that Walter was already at work and her mom wouldn't know until she would get her up at 8am. She rolled the thought out of her head and got out. Jessie was already at the door with Jason opening it. Mel took the time to stretch near the car and inhale the sweet fresh air that only the mountians could provid. Everyone went in except her. She looked around for a moment to get the feel for the place and a suddle smile apeared on her face as she slowly opened the trunk and got her bags out and a pillow she had brought from home. She made her way towards the house and wasen't watching where she was going and bumped into Jack. Her stuff went flying everywhere on to the new fallen snow.

"I'm sorry." He shot out droppig on the ground to pick up the scattered piles of clutter. She got down on the ground to picking up her stuff. She noticed something from the cornder of her eye. And her eyes-widened when she spotted a pm pad. She grabbed it before Jack could see it. But it was to late he already saw it and he just smiled and went back to pick up all of her stuff.

She felt stupid and when they had finished. He got up and handed her some of the stuff.

"Thanks" She said smiling.

"No problem" He cleared his throat.

"Here you can give me the rest of the stuff." She set her hand out ready to recieve the stuff

"No" he smiled "I'll take it in with you."

"Well you don't have to." She insisted

"Your names Mel, right?" He ask knowing what her name was already.

"Mel, and your Jack" She shly said.

They stood there smiling at each other until Jessie came out.

"Jack there you are I was wondering where you were." She said looking at him with goo-goo eyes trying to look hot but really looked stupid.

"I was just helping Mel with her stuff." He looked at mel and smiled

"Well you can help me with mine." She pushed

"I'm sure Jason will get it for you." He replied looking at Jason fling the door open.

"What will I get?" He asked looking at Jack

" The Whisperer