The Season Ender of the X-Files was a interesting ep. Dealing with "The X-Files" and all the puzzles pieces that would come together. But unfortunatly nothing really happened.

I am a critic when it comes to season enders. And I wasen't to impressed with it. But of course many of you have different options and sugestions. Go to the bottom

of this page to give a review on it.

For those of you who missed the season ender. For the most part it was about a boy who could read minds and was being stalked by a killer sent by the CSM. Agent Spender is put on the case and Mulder meets up with his old girl friend, who helped him with the x-files before scully. Krcheck is sent to Quebec Canda to bring the CSM back to his old oldies group. Scully gets jealious of Agent Diane Fowley. Agent Spender meets up with CSM which later on he tells him he's his father. ( who knew) Later, Scully keeps an eye on the kid ( who reads minds) Then leaves him with Agent Fowley. Agent Fowley falls asleep and wakes up to find the kid not there and then see's him near the window. The kid tells him he see's a man with a gun. And tell's her he's pointing at her. She gets shot. The kid is taken and meets up with the CSM and gives him to the well manicure man.(btw, the reason they want the kid is because he could destroy the deep dark secrets of everything the olides worked for. And also cause he could be the key to the whole X-Files. Everything Mulder and Scully had worked for could be answered.) CSM, burns the X-Files office to the ground. Mulder and Scully come in. And Scully hugs Mulder. Which it looked like she was hugging a wall. Kinda looked stupid. But he was in shock.

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