The Sixth Extinction II Amor Fati ( In Latin means: Love and Fate)

SCULLY continues to search for ways to save her ailing partner, the alien spacecraft is hijacked by unknown sources. Distraught over losing possession of this incredibly valuable (in terms of the information it may reveal) commodity, SCULLY now must face the reality that she has no allies in her search for the truth. MULDER meanwhile, in a coma-like state at this point, starts to envision (a la The Last Temptation of Christ) what his life would have been like if he had not taken up his all-consuming alien quest. Acting as voyeurs in this dreamlike fantasy (all this is taking place in MULDER's head), we see how the world would be a different place if our hero had not taken the road less traveled. Back in the real world however, SCULLY, no longer protected by her partner, is approached by a newly contrite CIGARETTE-SMOKING MAN who attempts to persuade her that he is "good" and simply acting in the best interests of mankind. Not knowing who to trust, SCULLY turns to the mysterious scientist in the hopes that above all else, he will be able to save MULDER. As events unfold and MULDER starts on the road to recovery, we come to understand that the scientist is a good person who unfortunately has fallen in league with the "bad guys." Having grown very fond of SCULLY, he will ultimately sacrifice himself to save both her and MULDER.

Disclaimer: These pictures were stilled by X-Files X-Posed. If you use this pictures please give credit where credit is due. These took me over an hour to still. Also the X-Files are owned by 1013 century Fox Fragment not intended.

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