From an article in the official XF magazine (it'll be out soon at newstands). It's about crimes of passion. Supposedly, Scully will be lying on the ground sobbing and clinging to Mulder. This probably due to the fact that the killer has tried to rip her still beating heart right out of her chest. We will be introduced to Mulder's next door neighbor Phillip Padgett, who has a fixation with Scully. He leaves little gifts at the door of Mulder and Scully's basement office. Padgett is a writter. During this episode, Mulder will confront his feelings of jealously toward Padgett. Can Scully allow another man into her life?? A quote from John Shiban: "As always we're committed to their relationship remaining of a certain type, but we wanted to get to the whole issue of love, which comes to the forefront in 'Milagro.'" We will get to see the lobby of Mulder's apartment building, as well as a bathroom. The article also talks about how they filmed Padgett ripping the heart out of his victim's chest They actually considered reconstructing the bra!

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