Well my father and I really don't get a long with each other that well. Well actually he isn't my real father but I feel that he is. My mother, her name is kristen got married to him when I was 14 that was 3 years ago... I really hatedhim. He was an assistant director of the FBI in washington D.C pretty big. He was kinda harsh with me at the beginning. He was kinda scarey. I guess it was because he was in the navy. And he kinda picked up this thing. I have no earthly Idea why my mother decided to marry him. She must of been out of her mind or drunk.

You really have to know this man to get into his thoughts whats he thinking. He is very unprodictable at times. He is very quiet and short with you. I know he hated kids. My real father, you'll never believe this but he is the Prisedent of the united states. Hell I don't really give a fuck about him. He tries to keep his promises but never has. And he wants to see me too much. And I hate that.

I was taken away from my mother when I was 14 for a year. And i felt like a prisoner. I almost killed myself that summer. I had gotten drunk and wanted to end my life. My dad's comunications director walked in and caught me in the act. Her name is connie. I think she is a really nice girl just sometimes she can get on ones nerves.

My step father walter is always running around.i thought he diddn't care but he did. He has a very dangrous job and my mom hates that. He can be away from home for more then 2 weeks and finally come home with injuries and he won't tell us anything. He seems to be hanging around this two fbi agents a lot. Mulder and Scully. I still haven't met them but the name does come up often at the dinner table. Wich is quite frankly too. Family time we have no more. I guess it just disappeared after my accident. Which wasen't long ago.

it was june 24 I decided to go with some friends to the mountans so we did. My mom had a cow about it and said I had to ask Walter about it. No way I told myself I already knew what was coming out of his mouth when he would get home. NO! it would be 'Going up there can be dangrous.' he would say I could hear it now giving me those betie little eyes as he tends to do so often. So I did what most teenagers would do. I snuck out that night and went desite what they would say or do. Well maybe not what most teens would do. but I was independent I am 17 and could do what I please. I had a ball that weekend and we just went wild. We hiked we met up with some of these guys wwe had met. This one guy well he wasen't a guy but a man seemed to be watching me at the pizza place we were at. I really didn't pay any attention to it. Well he was cute really cute. I did notice that. My mom was already worried wondering were I was. And Walter wasen't there to help her. He was on a Agent retreat and wouldn't be back until the day after I would get home. perfect. I thought to myself

I knew there was no point in going if walter would of been around,because he would drag my ass back home and i'd be grounded for a long time. He would yell at me and all that power stuff and control he thinks he have. but I already knew my ass would be fried when I would get back but after it would be and not before. My mom never has Walters number or he never calls because he is on duty. But I had the time of my life up there hanging around cute boyz and doing whatever i please.

I drank beer until i fell over and smoked until I couldn't smoke no more. in my family I wasen't a load with drugs or smoking. I would never be caught dead with a beer. Walter would ring me alive. And send me to some acholholic place. But I didn't care anymore. no one really cared about me in the first time. I mean not even Walter had time for me lead a lone my mother who was always busy with her stupid glamour magazine she edited. There was one time where I laughed with walter but those were gone gone like a fart in the wind as one of my friends would always say. They told me to get rid of them for good and live with them. they're in there 20s. We were at the cabin and they had to literlly carry me into the house because I was out like a log. I was kinda in and out most of the time. but when I awoke I found my friends on the floor. I was dizzy and had a headach like you can't believe.i But I saw they weren't moving at all and finally when I came to it I saw blood on the floor. I practitcly had a heart-attack and alost threw up there. I still couldn't figure out was going on but it was like everything was in slow motion like I ws watching myself from a far. I saw him standing there looking at me. The man from the resturant. He and this old man who smoked he had a gun in his hand and walked over to me. 'what did you do?' I screamed but he wouldn't say anything

Nothing he just keep a straight face. I decided to make a run for it. I pushed him aside and ran to the door. And tripped on this board. I couldn't really see steady and I was scared. He grabbed me by the waist and picked me up as I struggled. I looked at him and knew who it was Krycek I whispered he was surpised I knew he was. There was another time I had bumbed in to him. he was hand coffed to outside rail. Walter had strickly told me o stay away and I remember seeing his face. I had heard things about him. But he looked at me and that was out I was oult like a light. I don't remember anything elese excepted for waking up in a hospital brused and battered and hurting like hell. cold and frost bitten.Walter had come up to get me and he found me almost dead in the snow. The whole fbi department went to the scene after seeing all the bodies that had been killed. I was the only one who survived the massive attach. It would change my life forever. And forever it would haunt me. I would never be the same again.. Walter was the first person I saw when I awake from the sumber of a 1000 years. He's face was suddle and a bit releived and he held my hand and said it was going to be ok. I shut my eyes and woke up again to see detectives and people outside my door. Conine was there talking to my mom. I couldn't really see ery well my eyes were blurry and my face was covered with an oxegin mask....