Transcript for Access Hollywood, November 5,1998 ( May not be all right)

Announcer: It's Agent Mulder's bedroom seen for the very first time. And stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny can't believe whats in it.

DD: You know I'm a fan of faux leopard skin. So you know, whenever and wherever I can have it. It's funny. You know you haven't seen Mulder's bedroom ever.

Announcer: Besides the faux leopard skin and a water bed, there's something else. David's got the Champagne, Gillian has the handcuffs. Are the X-Files going for an X-Rating? Well, not X-Actly.

DD: This is an episode where Mulder's kinda switched with another character who's more interested in the ladies than Mulder is.

Announcer: The episode has Mulder switching bodies with Michael McKean, best remembered as Lenny on the old Laverne and Shirley sitcom.

MM: We swap lives, kicking and screaming on his part, and, um, I'm ready to go with it.

Announcer: That's because he think's he can seduce Scully when he's in Mulder's body. It's a typically weird X-Files plot that's tricky to explain, but, lets just say that whenever Scully looks at this guy, she sees Mulder.

Scully:[Sitting on the bed with the handcuffs in her hand] You know what would really be fun? Announcer: {Begin playing Marvin Gaye's , I think that's who sings it, Sexual Healing, in the background, ) Trust us, Scully doesn't have fun in mind when she whips out those cuffs. So when are Scully and the real Agent Mulder going to share something a little more romantic?

GA:There is a kiss that comes up. There is an extended intimacy from the movie. But there's only so long you can carry that out before consumating it.