( the contains of this is not exactly right. But read it. And down below is also a real video of what exactly took place)

It was a horrible battle between the Men In Black: Will Smith and Jack Nicholson and our own X-Files: Gillian Anderson *claygirl* And David Duchovny *clayboy*. It was all about Girl power!

Gillian And David stood on the fighting ring talking on their celephones, when Will smith comes out of the darkness and gives David a few beatings. David Begs for Gillian to help him, while she just stand there on a phone call from her dead father.

David lays there while Will gets out the metal bar that's labeled *Will* and smacks it on davids fore-head. Acouple of times. Jack gets out his mib gun and aims it at David.

David can't seem to get Gillian's attention and calls her on her celephone.

"It's an iching and and a burning- I have to go Ahab." Gillian says on her phone. ( something like that )

Gillian hangs up and puts the phone back to her head. It's david voice on the phone and he asks her to help him. Just before Jack hits the trigger A blaring light comes out of know where and flashes it at Jack blinding his eyes.

"So thats why she carries that thing around." David says watching as Gillian hits the flashlight over on Jacks head.

Until he falls on the ground.
Gillian sticks out her hand and offers Jack a hand.

"Lets not fight." She says ( something like that )

He looks at her and puts his hand in hers and she forces him up hitting him in the balls.

"Haven't u ever heard the phrase, *Trust no one*?"

She says as she hits him a couple times.
Just then out of no where Will points the gun at Gillian And david. But he's pointing the gun the wrong way and shoots him and Jack onto the ground.

The fight is over and Gillian And David Wins. Gillian looks at her partner and says "There's been something I've been wanting to do for a long time, partner." She says and grabs David And dips him back. Her tongue comes out and David looks at Gillian funny. And she kisses him.

But thats all that happens you don't want to know what kind of kiss it was. *l*

And thats it! X-Files Kicked major Ass!

Real Video